Sunday, May 8, 2005

Witness: Mother's Day 2005


Mindless reading! Is that a STAR Magazine I see there? How did that happen?


To balance out all the other trash.


How could I forget this?


Mmmmmmmm. Healthy snackin'.


Fingernail polish. Girly!

On the iPod front, a new one is on it's way right now for Jason. The plus is that it's a much cooler one than the one I broke. The minus is that I just billed Sasha yesterday for the $300 worth of music editing work I did for her over the past couple of months and that is just about what the new one cost. Well, actually it cost $269 (thanks again to Billy) so I will have $31 left. WOO HOO!

Ok, enough blogging. Back to relaxing.


  1. I'm glad you're enjoying your day. I'm also glad to hear that the iPod catastrophe has been resolved. I felt really bad for you!!!
    Julianna has a fever, so we stayed home from church this morning. Ethan had stuff to do there, so he went and then brought Wendy's home and gave me a very sweet card. Let's just say this won't be the most memorable Mother's Day ever, but hey, in the next week or so, I hope to have another baby to celebrate!!! :)
    Sarah ~:)

  2. Happy day to you, Mama Tracey!
    One of the nail salons down here had a special where you got a free manicure with purchase of a pedicure for Mother's Day. I asked if I was still eligible, even though I'm not a Mom. ;) They let me get my free mani! I guess I'm borrowing against future Mother's Day gifts...ha ha...