Wednesday, May 25, 2005

I'm Just Sayin'

1) If you are sent from your place of work to pick up a bevy of Starbucks lattes for THE WHOLE OFFICE, please-oh-please DO NOT use the drive-through window! Especially in front of me.

2) When exactly did Tom Cruise become an expert on women's health? Now I don't have any experience with post-partum depression, but bashing Brooke Shields for using meds to help cope with it ain't cool. You think vitamins are going to do the trick, Maverick? Puh-lease. I've known enough people on medication to know that sometimes it can be a good thing. Plus, anything that keeps people from going all Andrea Yates on their kids is fine in my book.

3) If Carrie wins over Bo tonight on American Idol I am SO done with that show. Please don't let all the hours of Ryan Seacrest I've endured over the past 4 months be for naught!


  1. Isn't Tom Cruise a Scientologist? I'm pretty sure he is, which means he would be against just about every drug there is. Most Scientologists believe that God - and only God - can heal. Some will even opt out of life-saving surgeries, etc., because of their beliefs.

  2. Oh he's totally a Scientologist. So is John Travolta and I don't see him on my tv telling women what to do. Makes me wonder what Tom's new Catholic-girl-pseudo-girlfriend thinks about that. (Why I know that Katie Holmes is Catholic, I have no idea. I need a life!)