Thursday, May 26, 2005

American Idol Can Officially BITE ME

I don't know why I'm surprised that in the end people chose the cookie cutter Barbie doll farm girl. Bah. Well at least Bo Bice won't have to release that god awful song they made the finalists sing Tuesday night. Honestly who writes that dreck? I guess the fact that Carrie is a virtual robot will come in handy when belting out all those lyrics about following your dreams and flying away to heaven on the wings of angels that never give up and blah blah blah. Also on the plus side, I just gained an hour on Tuesday and Wednesday nights! Oh the possibilites...

I will now revert into my thirteen-year-old on a message board persona when I say: BO RULZ! CARRIE DROOLZ!


  1. So true. If it wasn't going to be Bo, it at least could have been Vonzell or Nadia. I thought Nadia especially was way underrated.

  2. I was totally into Nadia in the beginning but Juliana couldn't stand her for some reason. We had many arguments about it! Juli loved Anthony (blech!) but also loved Bo and was really bummed when he lost last night. The more I think about it, the more I'm glad that Bo won't have to release a song that actually says "I wanna be inside your heaven". Where exactly is that? It sounds kinda dirty. And how does one "take me to the place you cry from?" Oh AI... You are so evil yet so mesmerizing.

  3. Yeah, I wondered about that. Unfortunately (fortunately?), I was still so hormonal that I knew what they meant when they sang, "Take me to the place you cry from." LOL I guess it's a good thing that I don't right now. ;) I liked Anwar too, but not Anthony... Juliana is just showing her age. At her age, I really, really liked Michael Jackson. ;)