Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Weekend Good. Homecoming Hectic.

I feel like reverting back to caveman speak right now- grunting once for affirmative, twice for negative. But more on that later. First of all, vacation was fantastic! Highlights included enjoying dinner and beers while watching the sky turn funny colors over the water as Hurricaine Jeanne moved onto the Florida mainland. (This was enjoyable and not terrifying since Naples was well southwest of the actual storm.) Also notable was a beautiful post-hurricaine walk along the Gulf, collecting shells and skipping through the waves. Two tasty meals out were enjoyed along with one lousy one (note to everyone, if you're ever in southwest Florida- DON'T EAT AT NOODLES ITALIAN CAFE unless you want mediocre food and rude service!) Ava adjusted wonderfully to travelling. She slept like a dream and was hap-hap-happy the entire time (except for one incident involving a turtle floatie pool toy that was apparently too scary for her.). Juliana enjoyed being whisked away into the land of mega-bubble baths, makeup and candy treats. So much, that she was very sad to leave and I think is still angry at me for taking her away from Grandma Joanie. We even arrived home to a spotless house because I'm just so disciplined like that.

Today, however, I could have done without. Ava, who slept fifteen hours a day in Florida in her comfy-comfy little playpen suddenly decided that she slept enough on vacation to last her until next Tuesday. Juliana, being jet-lagged and grandparent-free now has returned to her usual tricks. Sassy sassy girl! I know she's just over-tired and sad that she had to leave the land where she is the center of attention at all times but I think my voice is ready to give out from lecturing and time-out giving and counting to three a hundred and fifty times today. Thankfully my TIVO was at work taping stuff for me all weekend so I'm now going to go upstairs and see what wondrous treasures it is holdng for me. Couch. Television. Bed. Now.

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