Tuesday, September 7, 2004

Hate Fest, Schmate Fest: Whoopi Ain't Got Nuthin' on Zell

Week old news, I know, but since I only watched smatterings of the RNC last week I didn't see the hilarious footage of Zell Miller challenging Chris Matthews of Hardball to a duel until over the weekend. OH MY GOD THIS WAS FUNNY. What is wrong with Zell that he couldn't handle being questioned on some of his talking points? Easier to take the "shut up" approach O'Reilly style, I guess. There are less words to remember at least. I didn't think I'd ever say this but lately I'm really really liking Chris Matthews more ane more.
But anyway, I don't think my jaw could have hit the floor any harder after watching his speech last Wednesday. Anyone remember just a few months ago a little Hollywood fundraiser for Kerry in which everyone had a hissy fit over some dirty jokes Whoopi Goldberg told referring to Bush? I seem to remember the words HATE-FEST being repeated over and over the next day until they were practically tatooed in my brain. And those were celebrities taking part in the bashing. The fury unleased last Wednesday was by actual government officials, and it was applauded. Can you imagine if the DNC had had a night like this one? I can:


I don't really care about a little bashing and sniping on either side, but stop boo-hooing about it when it happens to you. Both sides are guilty of it and to accuse your opponent of a holding "hate-fest" and then turning around and having one of your own on national television is just a little bit hypocritical.

I probably would continue to be angry about this if that whole dueling scene hadn't played out, thus causing my head to practically explode from laughter. That really made my day.

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