Thursday, September 9, 2004

French Toast Sticks....

Do you know what it means that I now have a child attending school within the U-46 school district? It means that I get to order food from Market Day! It seems like just yesterday that my mom was ordering me chocolate chip cookie dough from them. Mmmmmm..... pre-packaged goodness that is soooo bad for me.....


  1. Ooooo! Can non-members of the school district order things through you? Those bulk french toast sticks are sooooo very good...*drool*

  2. Diane- I'm quite positive that anybody can order- you just have to go pick it up at the school (which is kind of a trek for you!) I'm sure there are some schools in Chicago that sell Market Day as well. That is, if you ABSOLUTELY HAVE TO HAVE the french toast sticks! And I do. I had about seven of them this morning. Mmmmmm.