Friday, September 17, 2004

Good Mail, Good Times

I got my voter registration card in the mail! Yipee!! I was starting to get worried about it since I sent my registration info in about a month ago and hadn't heard anything back yet. However, I found a site yesterday where Cook County residents can check whether or not you are registered to vote and where your voting facility is located at and I breathed a sigh of relief to find my name listed. Thank you Cook County election department! Can you imagine if after all my whining and complaining about the government if something had gone wrong and I was unable to vote in the election? Egads. Well, all is good and I am ready to go. Now, if only I was registered to vote in Wisconsin, then we'd be talkin'.

Other news: I have been asked to dance in a piece that will be performed in February of next year! It's actually the same piece I performed in over a year ago for Motivity, but the choreographer has been asked to show it again so that means yay! Big fun for me! I don't have a lot of details, only that I will be starting rehearsals again soon (and scrutinizing the video from the last show since I seem to have lost almost all memory of what I actually did in the piece.) I'm excited to work with Sasha again and to perform with the other three girls since we got along so well and really had a great time creating it together the first time around. Plus, this time I can guarantee you I will not be ten weeks pregnant and trying to hide it from the world when I perform. Sigh. It will be so nice to dance again and I really miss performing so I'm completely excited about this.

Plus, a little taste of Juli and Maddie's art show, opening this October:

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  1. Hey Tracey,
    Congrats on your dance piece!! You must be sooo excited. :)
    And yes--per your comment on my page, I DO use the Jennifer Kries tape! She kills me with her flexibility. Unbelievable!!