Wednesday, April 28, 2004

My New Best Friend

Ok, not exactly my best "friend" but definitely my favorite new toy that now sits among the ranks of my most favorite purchases ever alonside my TIVO and my Dyson vacuum cleaner: Our fabulous XM Satellite Radio!!! Not only do I have my Air America coming in crystal clear now, but I also have channels and channels of glorious commercial-free music ranging from indie rock to jazz and blues. Color me absolutely giddy! We bought the portable boom box so I can have it set up in our living room but also take it outside in the back yard when I'm chillin' with my girls. Jason also is going to pick up the little gizmo that will let us listen to it in the car as well. It seems a bit odd to be excited about a radio in the twenty-first century doesn't it? But it's new and improved and oh-so-digital and did I mention commercial-free? Take that marketing executives! Let us gather 'round the radio my children and listen to the man we like to call Chuck D.

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