Friday, April 9, 2004

Are You Serious?

The name of the Daily Presidential Briefing issued on August 6, 2001 was "Bin Ladin Determined to Attack Inside the United States"


Ok. But you can hardly blame Condi since she claims the previous administration didn't leave them with a counter-terrorism plan but rather a "series of actionable items." Not a plan. And Bush was completely focused on getting rid of Osama before 9/11 right? Remember that national security directive he issued to "Eliminate Al-Qaeda"? The one issued on Septmber 4th? A whole 7 days before 9/11. Good to hear they were so on the ball.

Can this get any more ridiculous?

I seriously need to take a break from reading and listening to all this stuff but it's like a really bad movie that I can't stop watching. And the worst thing is that I think this country is so deeply divided that it doesn't matter what anybody says anymore. People either love the president and he can do no wrong, or people can't stand him. Everything that comes out in the media can be spun to fit each side's agenda so that you never know for sure what is true and what is just propaganda. I thought yesterday's testimony did absolutely nothing to help the administration's case but while I heard commentary that backed up my own feelings, I also read other people's opinions that applauded Condi Rice's brilliance. Are these people really hearing the same words as me? I am seriously completely baffled by the country we live in.

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