Friday, May 25, 2012

Rockford Bonkathon- I mean MARATHON- Race Report

(A little copy/paste from Dailymile.)

Hooo boy. This was my third year in a row running the Rockford Marathon and it was... interesting. Temperatures hit 88 degrees by the end and I could FEEL it with every inch of my body- as evidenced by my time being more than 25 minutes slower than anticipated! I was *pretty* sure by the 10K point that a sub-3:56 PR wasn't happening, and by mile 10 it was a clear fact. Despite the fact that I held an 8:55 pace all the way to mile 13 (my half marathon time was 1:55, just as planned). I just knew it wasn't in the cards. It was so unbelievably hot that I never settled into a pace that felt good and easy on my body. It. Was. Work. The whole dang time. 

After we split with the half marathoners at 13, I thought maybe, just maybe if the heavens aligned and I caught some pixie dust from a unicorn horn that I *might* eek out a sub-4. But by mile 15 I was eyeing the ambulances at the aid stations longingly. I pictured myself bailing and catching a ride an an air conditioned vehicle back to the start and I really, really wanted it. I can't even tell you how bad.
So I said thought to myself then: Can I really NOT cover the distance? Or am I just being crabby because I can't cover the distance in the time I set out to do? 

And the answer was the latter. So I took a walk break. And started run/walking. And stopping at every aid station to guzzle fluids like a fish. It seemed from the runners around me that this was a popular decision! And you know, once I made peace with this decision I was surprisingly ok with it. I didn't beat myself up about it. I knew I would complete the race.

I think this was the most physically miserable I've ever been in a race. But my spirits were high. I chatted with another girl who was in the same boat as me and we commiserated a bit as we walked up a neverending incline with the sun beating down directly overhead. 

The most amusing part for me was slogging along alone past the mile 24 marker EXACTLY when the clock ticked past 3:56:02 (my PR time from last year.) I literally laughed out loud because it was so ridiculous. 

Yeah. So it wasn't in the cards. But 1) I didn't die. 2) The medals this year were real, big boy medals for the first time and 3) I get to eat all the calories back either way! So I can't really complain. All I have to say though is Portland better be 45 and overcast in October!

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