Wednesday, May 9, 2012


I often find myself wanting to do too many things. This is nothing new. I spend a lot of nights staring at my Google calendar with squinty eyes trying to make it do things it surely can't. Like make room for more fun stuff I want to have happen.

I am aware that this is yet another one of my First World Problems.

Since I brought dance back into my life about six months ago I've been experiencing this to an even sharper degree. Right now I take a modern/contemporary dance class on Monday nights. This means I spend most of Monday afternoon staring at the clock impatiently and the hour after class in a sort of euphoric haze where I want to make out with the world. It feels SO GOOD.

Unlike Chicago, there isn't a huge modern dance scene in Milwaukee. This isn't all that surprising but it's frustrating for me as I would like to take class more than once a week and the studio I dance at only offers modern on Monday nights. (I could go into what 'modern' dance is as opposed to ballet or jazz but that would be a long, winded explanation right now. For now, just know that it's how I roll in the dance sphere.) Anyway, I wish the college dance programs here in Milwaukee opened their doors to community students like where I went to school back in the day. I want to give a major high five to the Dance Center of Columbia College Chicago for giving me the experience of taking class next to working dance professionals in the city.

I guess what I'm saying is that right now I'm existing on the fringes of the dance community here. It's little bit like the feeling I had when I first staring going to races. I was sort of circling around the outside of this unfamiliar world, trying to figure out how to be a part of it.  Fifteen years ago I was completely immersed in dance so it's a different feeling being on the outside of it looking in.

Maybe I'm being a complain-y-pants right now. I just really feel like I want to augment this area of my life and it's proving difficult to figure out how at the moment. I have the time. I'm pretty confident I still have the ability. I would love at some point to even get the chance to perform again. It's been a long time coming back around to this point but now that I'm here I feel like I want to run with it. If I could figure out how.

I suppose even if I just get to keep feeling the way I do after these classes, I should be happy. Because it's pretty brilliant.


  1. "I want to make out with the world" needs to be a song title.

  2. Of course you still have the ability. And, if you want more, you have shown that you can make more happen. Look at what you've done with FitMKE. Is there a way you could do a dancey branch off of that somehow? Maybe there are others in MKE that feel the way you do??