Thursday, May 28, 2009

When Life Gives You Lemons...

You sit in the middle of a construction marred intersection in your dead car while people honk angrily and you totally freak out.

Oh, I guess that's just me.

Some of you already got the play by play via Facebook or Twitter so I'll be brief. We're getting a new car on Friday! Yay! This was put into motion before the old car decided to strand me in the middle of traffic but apparently the ol' cruiser got wind of how we were going to trade her in and decided to be all, "You wanna get rid of ME? I'd like to see you try!" And then proceeded to conk out in the middle of the road. This led to me and two other helpful ladies comically trying to push the car out of the intersection to no avail while other larger and most likely stronger drivers decided it would be more productive for them to honk/yell/give us dirty looks. Now I think I'm a fairly strong girl but I also think that if you saw me trying to push a PT Cruiser you would laugh. The cops that finally came to help me laughed when they saw how close I have to sit to my steering wheel when one of them could hardly even fit in my car.

Anywayz... What makes this story even better is that I was on my way home from the car dealer who had just finished checking out the cruiser for a trade-in when all this happened. I then had to turn around and have it towed right back where they promptly knocked $1000 off of our trade price. Aw, hamburgers.

But I'm ok. I'm actually able to laugh at my misfortune now because if the car was going to die then I suppose it was meant to be that we were already in the final stages of purchasing a brand spanking new one. It's even a hybrid so I can drive around like that episode of South Park where the hybrid drivers wave at each other and self-righteously pat themselves on the back. See? I can have a sense of humor about myself.

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