Monday, May 25, 2009

My LIfe Is Starting to Resemble a Gatorade Ad

This week I became the kind of person who buys (and then consumes) something called Hammer Gel. Don't know what that is? It's this food/substance that comes in a nifty little foil pouch you can pocket while running long distances and ingest for an extra energy boost. Apparently after running for over an hour or so your body gets completely depleted of glycogen and you need some kind of sugary carby goodness to replenish yourself. Basically it tasted like cake frosting. Weird, huh? I started picturing runners carrying little tubs of Betty Crocker frosting on their backs and eating it with their fingers every few miles. And then I got paranoid that I was sporting a ring of chocolate around my mouth much like Ava wears after eating a pudding cup. You learn new things every day. Seriously though, running in general just makes me feel ravenous. Which isn't so bad considering I can burn over a thousand calories on these long runs, but when do I get to look like Paula Radcliffe already?


I realize that I probably set pretty unrealistic goals for myself. Like during the Olympics when I was obsessed with Dara Torres abs and forgot to consider that it was her JOB to look like that. Not that I'm running in order to whittle myself down to a bone but some of those distance ladies are crazy fierce. I can feel the muscles in my legs changing but I don't think you'll see me donning those little swimsuit buns anytime soon.

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