Tuesday, May 19, 2009


You know what I like? Doing things for me. That's right. I could get used to this taking care of me thing.

Sometimes I think I may have taken up running just so I could get all the alone time where I get to zone out and think. Now that I'm passing the 10 mile mark, pretty soon I'll be approaching TWO WHOLE HOURS of run time on a Saturday or Sunday morning that i get to focus on myself. Scandalous! I have to admit that it's pretty nice now that the girls are getting older and more self sufficient. I no longer have to spend my days and nights wiping up poop, pulling stuff out of little hands and mouths and basically monitoring every second of their lives. Granted, I had a psychotic episode a few weeks ago when I smelled a baby head at the hair salon and got all schmoopy but it quickly passed when I thought about waiting five more years to get this sense of semi-freedom back. People, I'm even thinking about searching for a part time job in the fall- you know me with all my marketable skills like coffee making, general flexibility, and the ability to "sell it" to the person sitting at the back of the theatre. (Not to mention all my enviable knowledge about the pioneers of modern dance.)
Part of it has to do with living in a town where I actually want to do things. I was pretty complacent in the suburbs going for walks around my community of little boxes and eating at Applebee's on the weekends. But now I have these things they all BABYSITTERS and ROCK SHOWS and NON-CHAIN RESTAURANTS and I am smitten. I love my family, yes I do, but there is something to be said for balance. For example, I'm sure this weekend I will be taking the girls to see the atrocity that is "Night at the Museum 2: Escape from the Smithsonian." However, I most likely will also be getting my "Terminator: Salvation" fix as well. And going for a two hour run.

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