Tuesday, October 10, 2006


I'm registering to vote in Wisconsin for the first time this week! I love, love, love to vote. Even when the results leave me depressed and curled up in a ball for a week contemplating moving to New Zealand I still love to vote. And this will be the first time I will be voting in a mid-term election so I'm very hyped about that. I am cautiously optimistic about this year but I stress the work cautiously. I feel like the country may finally be ready for change but you never know what can happen in the final weeks and days leading up to a national election. Plus, my poor liberal soul is still smarting from two years ago and I don't think I can take that kind of letdown again.

Still, all four of us will excitedly trek to the polls on November 7th (we like to take the girls with because you're never to young to learn HOW IMPORTANT voting is) and I will no doubt stay up late that night to watch the restults roll in.

And hopefully there will be no talk about Hobbit holes.

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  1. Good for you for taking the girls with you when you go to vote. It's a good idea to help our kids learn early how important it is and how fortunate we are to live in a country where the people have this privilege.