Monday, October 16, 2006


I took a little hiatus from the weekly weigh-in post and am doing a two week update instead. I managed to drop two more pounds in the first week but during the second week I had a little slip-up so I stayed the same. Something involving a bag of tortilla chips and some mango peach salsa. And there may have been a few chocolate chip cookies present as well. And a hot dog. (I know, gross! I normally think hot dogs are pretty icky but for some reason it sounded really, really good at the time. Darn deprivation.)

So... I'm a bit stalled for now but my focus is renewed this week and I should be back on track pretty soon. Losing eleven pounds in five weeks is pretty cool but I'm also really concerned about gaining it all back so I'm planning on going over and above my goal for when I do go back to eating "normally." Whatever that is. Do I know what that is yet?

Oh-my-god those cookies were so good.

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