Sunday, November 6, 2005

THE House



  1. Did you guys buy it? It's so cute. I hope you can find a great neighborhood that you like there. I know Milwaukee can be touch-and-go.
    About Mario Badescu. I LOVE them. I have crazy skin, and I have tried about every brand sold in a drugstore, and Clinique, etc. I love the Mario Glycolic Foaming Face Wash/Cleanser. I just received the Silver Powder, Kera Moisturizer, and Healing Cream. They give you samples too. If you look up a store near you, and go talk to them, you'll get all sorts of free samples, and you can find what you like from there. The Apricot Lotion is good, and same with the enzyme face wash. (It's a green gel). The seaweed cleanser. It's all good. I am in to the products that look more 'medicinal', and that's how I found Mario. Kiehl's is great too. I've only used their lotion and some face stuff, so I can't recommend as much. Try Mario and let me know what you think! Sorry for the novel!

  2. Well, we haven't bought it yet but we're considering putting in a a bid on it this week! There are lots of little details to work out- like, say actually selling the house we are in first- so I'm trying not to get too excited yet. Plus, the house needs a fair amount of work (although that part should hopefully be fun.) I might post more about it tomorrow but I don't want to jinx us!