Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Hair Update (Because It Matters So Much, I Know)

Ok, I got myself an appointment at a salon for Thursday night. Needless to say, my attempts to lighten it back to it's normal color did not work. It's not as brown anymore but now it's basically the dishiest dishwater blonde you can imagine. Kind of like I stuck my head in an ashtray. I don't have to tell you that it's really not cute. I'm covering my head in a scarf and hiding in my house until I can get this fixed (hopefully with as minimal damage as possible.) I'm really dreading showing this hairdresser what I've done. Cross your fingers for me! I see lots of conditioner in my near future.

I told my sob story to the receptionist at the hair salon and she warned me of the risk of damaging my hair by bleaching it back all the way blonde. I'm going to talk with the stylist about it when I get there. I went through this about ten years ago when I wanted to return to blonde after spending a year as a redhead and it turned out fine so I may have them go ahead and bleach away but cut a few inches off as well. It seems I just can't win with this growing my hair out thing. I'm sure to be set back a number of months now because of my UNBELIEVABLE STUPIDITY. One of the first things I'm doing in Milwaukee is finding myself an awesome hair salon and stylist. I can't believe I'm still trying to do my own hair like I'm sixteen years old.

Enough hair talk for tonight. Can you tell it's all I can think about? Shouldn't I be thinking about how close I am to closing the deal on our awesome house? I wish I wasn't so vain sometimes.


  1. I'm not done with the hair talk yet, so endure. :) I saw your post from Y.Sparks and had heard all that myself yesterday at work. You have to bleach to go lighter. Yeah. Clearly, I didn't know that either, or I wouldn't look like a bad Tori Spelling right before Charlotte comes to visit! Ahck. Also, I'm not afriad to try and bleach it now. I have really thick hair though, and I've been trying to grow it out for almost 2 years. Damn those super short layers I had then, they are finally to my chin. Plus, celebrities dye their hair all the time, and their hair doesn't fall out, right? Talk to the person, and I say go brighter if you want to! Yes, I am shallow. Especially after my Oxfam/Poverty rant. Now I want pretty hair.

  2. I'm shallow too and I often feel guilty about worrying over something like hair. I still do it though! That's a good point about all those blonde-haired celebrities. Although they probably spend thousands of dollars on stylists every time they have it done. Why is it that Gwen Stefani's hair hasn't fallen out already? Or Christina Aguilera's?
    Is that Charlotte Kunz you are talking about? Tell her I said hi!
    Oh, and you may have Tori Spelling's hair, but at least you don't have her face.

  3. Amen! :) Trace, I'll give you my stylists' info when you get here. Smooch.

  4. And speaking of dying hair "like a sixteen year old", remember the first time we dyed my hair black and didn't figure out until halfway through the process that I was going to need TWO boxes of dye? And we had to go to the grocery store in a cloud of ammonia to purchase a second box?!
    I can't believe we did that! Never again! Never!