Monday, November 21, 2005

Clean Slate!

Yesterday I finally finished the arduous task of shredding all of my old journals spanning from my eighth grade year until my second year of college (when dancing took over writings space in my life.) Good god, does it feel awesome to be rid of all that baggage. I knew it would be beneficial as in now the girls won't be able to blackmail me with my own words and if I ever run for President there won't be written documentation of every stupid thing I did as a teenager, but I didn't expect such a weight to be lifted from me upon destroying all that junk. That seriously must have been the worst feng shui ever to have those things living in my basement all these years. It's like all my adolescent rantings are no longer floating up through the heating vents and ruining my zen. Or chi. Or something like that. Oh come on, you know what I mean.


  1. i agree. after i dated this guy with serious mental issues (it wasn't me, i swear), i had a relevation that i will have NO MORE NEGATIVE ENERGY. be it from current friends/dates, negative journals, etc. i dumped them all (dates, journals) and moved on. moved apartments even. i am totally into feng shui and believe that your chi is much better now. i even arranged my desk at work all feng shui, and remove negative energy (clutter, etc) from the office. they all think i'm nuts, but it's a good way to use my ocd in a positive way! :) congrats on healthy, positive chi!

  2. I've been doing this lately too. It's a great feeling. :)