Monday, August 8, 2005

Plan of Action

I've been plugging away on little home projects that need to be done if we end up moving in the spring. Basically, I've scapped my plans for a little patio for the grill out back and for new linoleum in the upstairs bathroom since neither will really matter if we will be leaving. Instead, I'm opting to do little touch-ups here and there that will make our place all the more attractive to potential buyers. Things like repainting the fugly trim a fresh white color and fixing broken light fixtures. I'm still going to paint our bedroom since a neutral color will be more buyer-friendly than the present purple. I will not, however, be repainting the girls bedroom again, seeing that I just re-did it a couple of months ago and can't bring myself to do it all over again. Who knows, maybe another little girl (or two) will move in who just loves turquoise blue?

I've been doing tons of research on homes in our area. Although there are plenty of drool-worthy homes in which I will never live, I've also found a number of really nices houses in our price range that I can completely see us living in. One upgrade I will not waver on though is hardwood floors. I absolutely adore my wood floors and will fight tooth and nail to find a house with hardwood instead of carpet.

For now though, in addition to fixing up some little things we're basically going to concentrate on putting as much money away into savings as possible. We have this problem where if there is extra money in our checking account, we always find ways to spend it. So now all that extra "buffer" money will be transferred into a savings account so it hopefully will not be touched. Basically, what I'm trying to say is that if you are related to me you can expect for Christmas this year to get a big white t-shirt with a photograph of our smiling faces on it. Frugal!


  1. thanks for the comment! i can't believe that is an actual thing, thank goodness i realized that now, while my blog is still 'fresh'. ha. man, dooce. i'll have to check out the site of the girl that coined the term. i want to coin a term for something! can i add a link to your blog from mine? what would you like me to name it?
    i'm so new to this, it's exciting!

  2. I love Dooce. She's like the rock star of the blog world. (Don't you hate the word blog? It's so odd. Buh-log.) If you link to my site you can just call it Tracey's Space. It's kind of lame but it's been called that for years so I'm not changing it!