Monday, February 21, 2005



This is a picture of the nuclear power plant in Byron, IL. We took this photo a couple of weeks ago while getting lost on the way to a birthday party for one of Jason's cousin's kids. We were astounded to find just how close we could drive up to this thing. Helloooo? Why was I allowed to do this exactly?


I particularly liked the barbed wire that prevented me from running up and touching the base of the structure. I realize that if I were a terrorist I probably (hopefully??) wouldn't be able to cause radioactive havoc by damaging the monstrous smokestacks but something just seemed a little unnerving about the whole scenario in general. It didn't get much better when my brother told me that he knew personally someone entrusted with guarding the power plant. Trust me, if you's heard some of the stories about the people my brother hangs out with (I believe someone named Meatball is among the ranks?) you'd understand.

**UPDATE** Thanks to those of you who have reassured me that the cooling towers are nothing to be afraid of. I still maintain that they look uber-creepy though!


  1. Tracy,
    You may already know this. If you do, please forgive me.
    The pictures you've posted are of cooling towers. The stuff coming out of these is steam. Nuclear power plants generate steam in order to produce power just like coal-fired plants do. Although I'm not necessarily a cheerleader for nuclear power, I must inform that the emissions from these cooling towers are much less damaging to the environment than the emissions coming from coal-fired power plants and the burning of coal. The nuclear reaction produces heat. Nuclear fuel is not burned like coal is.
    The actual reactor (which contains the nuclear fuel) is usually underground and encased in many layers of concrete and lead.
    Again, please forgive me if I misunderstand your post. But whenever the media wants to gin up fear of nuclear power, they usually use pics of cooling towers because they look so huge and scary.
    P.S. Yes. I'm Diane's mom and I've been instructed to be nice if I choose to comment on your blog. :) I do love seeing the pics of your beautiful daughters. They brighten many a cloudy day. And I'm especially encouraged to know that there are young women today who are making the choice to stay at home and raise their own kids. I always feel sad for those who don't make the effort. Just think of the joy they're missing. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Thanks for the info! My Dad actually told me the same thing when I told him about it. I also kind of figured that the towers were not releasing radioactive gas! It just seems a little odd to be able to walk right up to one of those things. They do look pretty ominous.
    Don't worry, you were plenty nice! Thanks for the comment.