Wednesday, February 2, 2005

Cleaning House

I feel good. Life is good. I'm trying to have a more positive outlook lately, which involves taking good care of myself, working on things I enjoy and tuning out that which brings me down. For instance, I have been working out every day for the past week and I feel great. I got a couple of new fitness dvds and one of them is a step aerobics class infused with modern/jazz dance moves. Fun! I do have this whole annoying story to tell about how the stationary bike I got for Christmas from my Dad turned out to have zero resistance and after I called the number on the instruction booklet four times and completely dismantled the darn thing (at the advice of one of the girls who answered the telephone there) I finally reached a supervisor who told me that my model of bike is usually meant for elderly people and maybe I was just too good for it . I found this highly amusing since I am no super-athlete by any means, and because my Dad who is thirty years older than me also laughed at how easy the stupid bike was to ride.

By the way, this is the image used on the website that features a CLEARLY NON-ELDERLY PERSON riding the bike, which surely caused my Dad to draw the conclusion that this bike was indeed designed for people under 70 years of age:


Luckily, we are still able to return the thing to Sears where I will get to pick out a new exercise toy that is more properly suited to me. Yay!

And now here is my list of little things that help me personally function on a happier level of existence:

1) Watch multiple episodes of Aqua Teen Hunger Force in succession. There is a character called Meatwad. Why am I now just realizing the existence of such genius?

2) Drive around listening to Liz Phair's "Polyester Bride", singing it at the top of your lungs- especially the part about finding aligator cowboy boots that just went on sale.

3) Book tickets to the Las Vegas Bellagio. Ok, so that's not a little thing, but it surely helps A LOT. Plus, look at the pretty:


It also helps to TIVO as many programs on the Travel Channel and Food Network about Las Vegas as possible and drool with anticipation.

4) Keep the XM Radio on the 40's station. How can you be down with people like Judy as your life's soundtrack?

5) Clean up your computer. For me, I find it terribly refeshing to organize all my files, burn cds, and finally be able to see my desktop wallpaper of Jon Stewart peering out at me again.

6) Dance in the living room with your husband to Lyle Lovett. You could also dance with your kids to They Might Be Giants. Lots of things on this list involve music, you see.

7) Buy a completely awesome 1980's prom dress on eBay to wear to your best friend's upcoming 80's prom party.

8) If a certain person in a position of great power in our country comes on the radio/television and you want to remain informed about the state of the country you live in but simply can't stomach listening to the guy: Mute him and read the transcript online later. Then go listen to more good music!

You see? Life is good.

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