Thursday, February 10, 2005

Must. Decompress. <i>Now.</i>

Well, I haven't been posting much other than images this week. I've been digging through old boxes of photographs and goofy items I've saved over the past ten years or so. It kind of puts me in a weird frame of mind to start remembering stuff like that. At one point, while reading one of my journals from eighth grade I ended up tearing out multiple pages and ripping them to shreds. Some things about me just should not remain documented. Yes, it's really that bad. I'm keeping a lot of the more amusing stuff, but I really don't need reminders of my overly-dramatic-suburban-teenage-angst lying around. Especially now that I have girls of my own who will one day cultivate overly-dramatic-suburban-teenage-angst of their own.

Speaking of the girls, it seems they have finally pulled out of a weeklong pair of illnesses, thie high point of which was a bunch of puke being sprayed in the backseat of my car followed by the purchase of many tree-shaped "new car scent" air fresheners and Febreeze. I've had enough of smells in general for a while. We're gearing up for a fun rock and roll show in Milwaukee this Saturday at the Mad Planet so that's something to look forward to. Plus, Juli and Maddie were mentioned in an article in since they are both putting up photographs at the show. This that makes TWO public art showings for my girl before the age of 5. Someday she will realize just how cool this all is.

Lastly, completely unrelated to anything written above: Yay Dean!

I'm still bitter about the raw deal he got last year, but I'm happy nonetheless. I will take my joy wherever I can get it, thank you very much.

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