Thursday, February 26, 2004

Oh WB, Why Have You Forsaken Me?

I would just like take a second to express my extreme anger and sadness at the news that Angel has been cancelled. When this season began I felt that it was really veering off course and was not the show I once knew and loved but it seems just when I had nearly given up on my beloved vampire with a soul (times two with my newly added Spikey Goodness, James Marsters) they go on a string of episodes that consistently blow me away and restore my faith in the show once again. THus is the way of Joss Whedon. THEN, just when I'm riding high on my Angel-Love once again the WB decides to yank my obsession away from me in favor of new, fresh blood (no pun intended... I think.) Gotta compete with the O.C these days and David Boreanez in this 30's now. GEEZ. And Spike? I believe he's an ancient 42!! Forget the fact that they are 200+ old vampires on the show. First Buffy, then Firefly and now this. Well, at least I have my dvd sets to keep me warm...

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