Saturday, February 14, 2004

Happy Valentine's Day!

Well, the babysitter situation didn't pan out for tonight but I've since made peace with the fact that we won't be going to that awsome dinner with Jeff and Kim. Instead, Jason and I are going to be cooking a big meal for ourselves here at home. We busted out the Joy of Cooking book and decided to make veal parmigiana, pasta, and caesar salad so we packed up the girls this morning and picked up all the ingredients we need at the grocery store. We also stopped by the bakery and picked up some decadent desserts- some slices of german chocolate cake and a couple of napoleans. Basically it's going to be a big carbohydrate and fat extravaganza doused with a bottle of wine and I'm loving the idea of it. I lost four pounds this week so today I'm giving myself permission to stuff my face with Valentine's goodness. Yay! Plus, it looks like Jason and I will be planning a weekend trip soon that begins with an evening in Las Vegas and ends with seeing the Pixies play at a rock festival in the California desert. I am so so so so so psyched about this prospect but I have absolutely no more time to post details right now. Just know that I will probably explode with giddiness if this trip actually happens.


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