Sunday, January 12, 2014


In my life I have never been a member of the "Y".  I've been to several YMCAs for various events (trial classes, summer camps and birthday parties as a kid, etc.) but I've never myself been an actual member. Until now!

Full Disclosure: I have been offered a free family membership to the YMCA of Metropolitan Milwaukee in 2014 in exchange for blogging, tweeting and general social-media-ing about my experiences there. Hey, why not? Sounds good to me. 

As you can probably imagine, my regular running/training schedule is pretty darn packed. However, I'm going to make an honest effort to try *new-to-me* cross training classes over the next 12 months. My goal is to get to one of the Y locations (most likely South Shore or Downtown for me) around once a week. As a trainer, I'm very good at structuring workouts for myself at home but I'm also excited to experience new styles of classes and different instructors again. Basically I just really enjoy learning.

Here's what is on my radar right now:

Y Cycle
Body Pump
I also might try (GULP) getting in the pool. We'll see!

Many of the classes have words in the description like FUSION, BLITZ and ABSOLUTION. I will investigate further as to what that all means and report back on my experiences here (as well as on all my other usual social "overshare" platforms.)

Here's to expanding fitness horizons in 2014!


  1. Yay! I think you would love Body Pump. Dan takes it all the time, and I really liked it when I was taking it. It was a really challenging (in a good way) class, and I'm hoping to start back up again too.

  2. Yes! The one time did a free trial class with a friend is was a Body Pump class. I really liked it a lot.