Friday, November 15, 2013

This isn't a particularly crafty project considering I didn't even make the actual medal rack. (I bought it on etsy.) Still, my regular medal rack- which is really just a row of coat hooks from Target- actually fell off my wall a few months ago so I figured it was time to double up. (And add some wall anchors.) In deciding which medals got the new prime spot on top of the wall I ended up choosing a mix of first time races (first marathon, first trail run, etc.) as well as my personal bests. It makes me happy to look up and see those special races on prominent display. Even now I can remember so many details about each of those days- who I was with, how I felt, what I did leading up to and after the race. Obviously the "firsts" medals are never going to change but I look forward to, hopefully, swapping out a couple of those PR medals for some new ones. And if I don't get to, at least they're still shiny.

Left to right:

2012 Bewl 15: First-and only!-international race (Wadhurst, England)
2009 Madison Half Marathon: First half marathon
2012 Schaumburg Half Marathon: PR
2009 Lakefront Marathon: First 26.2
2013 Chicago Marathon: PR
2011 Dances with Dirt Marathon: First trail race
2010 Chicago Lakefront 50K: First 50K
2011 North Face 50: First 50 Miler (trails)
2013 Door County Fall 50: First road 50


  1. awesome! i saw some of those on esty and decided to make my own. i've got two boards... one for my bibs and one for my medals. fantastic display!

  2. Thanks! It's think it's nice to give the special medals a little love. I'd like to do something with my race bibs eventually as well. Right now they're all stuffed in a shoebox!