Monday, November 11, 2013

Big October

So I'm a wee bit late with my October accountability post. Obviously I busied myself with the Chicago Marathon. And two weeks later I did this thing (again) where I ran 50 miles. I really only have about three things to say about that race:

1. I need to go back to Door County again when I'm not running 50 miles.
2. For me, 50 miles is much easier when run on trails as opposed to the road. (Yes, I am aware of the ridiculousness of using the word "easy" in association with running 50 miles.)
3. My little heart still feels all asplode-y with proud when I think of this post-finish photo with Rochelle:

On other fronts, creative projects took a bit of a back burner in October due to all the running and running and preparing for running and recovering from running and then running again. I did take my booty to an African Dance class a couple of times at the beginning of the month which was FANTASTIC. Mama can still shake it! Now that I'm technically in my running off season I'll heading back to some more dance classes until the end of the year. I've even been eyeballing an Aerial Silks class in December because awesome and amazing. Obviously. I'm also going to hunker down and tackle some of these half finished projects around the house so hopefully I'll have a little more to show for myself at the end of this month- you know, besides a marathon PR and a 50 mile ultramarathon. I do have one more half marathon at the end of this month before my race-free December. Will I run a PR in Schaumburg? With everything I've accomplished this year I'll be happy either way but I'm still going for it. I figure why sell myself short? You gotta at least try.

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