Thursday, February 3, 2011

Getting My Hands Dirty

Setting arbitrary goals is never a good thing for me. I need looming deadlines, a big red circle on my calendar, and the internet watching to see if I follow through with what I said I'd do. In January I found myself saying something dumb like how I wanted to "challenge myself in new ways" this year. Well that means nothing until you find a way to quantify what exactly the word "challenge" means.


Before you look at te site, see the word 5K and go all pffffffft on me, would you just look at the "What to Expect" page and consider how covered in filth I am going to get completing those obstacles? Go do a Google image search of "Dirty Girl Mud Run" and see what happens to the ladies that participate in these types of races.

Go ahead, I'll wait.

When I was asked to blog about my training for this race I have to admit I paused for a second. I believe the first three things that floated through my brain were "Climbing stuff is hard." "Did that say FIRE run?" and "Ow." But after the dust settled I realized that this is the perfect kind of challenge for me. Sure I can keep running farther and farther (and believe me, I WILL) but for the most part I know what to expect when it comes to running. I really have no idea how well I will do at something like this. Climbing, crawling, scaling walls and jumping though things like mud pits and bales of hay? That's stuff that people on reality teevee do, not me. I won't even go camping because I hate the idea of not showering in the morning.

So of course I said "yes."

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  1. If I lived closer, I would run it. Looks like it would be fun!