Monday, February 28, 2011

Birthday Business

My birthday is this Saturday so that means soon I will revert into eleven-year-old girl mode and begin milking this "Birthday Week" business for all it's worth. I still love my birthday. I actually like getting older. (I know, wut?) I really like looking back at what I've accomplished in the past year and making plans for what I want to do next. I suppose I could do this on New Year's Eve but the narcissist in me want to make it all about ME.

So what's on the agenda for b-day number thirty-three? Two words:

Birthday Marathon.

As in my very own marathon. Just me, my favorite route, my favorite music and about four-and a-half hours. I'm going to get up early, go reeeallllly slow and just enjoy the morning to myself. I'll probably take some photos along the way, stop and have some snacks and soak everything in. (Hopefully I won't be soaking in rain, sleet or snow. Please?) Maybe I'll even make my own finishers medal.

After that, the girls will be off to the in-laws house and I will enjoy dinner with Jason here. Not a bad way to kick off year thirty-four, eh?

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