Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Yes, We're Back!

But... Jason has all the NYC pictures on his computer so I have to wait to get my hands on them and upload them. For the time being though I will share with you two important things I learned on our trip:

1. Everyone in the world has a black piece of luggage with some goofy little piece of yarn tied around the handle in order to distinguish it from other pieces of black luggage with little pieces of yarn on them. At the baggage claim in Milwaukee this is not that disasterous of a problem, but at LaGuardia airport? It's a new situation entirely. I think I need a can of hot pink spray paint.

2. Girls. If you ever visit the Big Apple? Please, please. please wear comfortable shoes. You will pay dearly if you don't.

Ok, hopefully I'll get some photos up tonight. I'm off now to bike away the monstrous amounts of food I ate. (Seriously! I've gained eight pounds this summer even with working out three days a week! Not. Fair. I'm officially revisiting my account at Fitday and putting myself in check.)

1 comment:

  1. Ohhhhhhh, I did the shoe mistake my first trip to New York, which involved walking all of Manhattan in one day. Suffice to say I insisted on a trip to Gap to pick up some flip-flops to get through the rest of the day!