Friday, August 10, 2007

The Scene: Watching So You Think You Can Dance? with Juliana while the awesomeness that is Danny Tidwell performs with that annoying Schwimmer girl who is totally going to win the whole show:

Juliana: "Mom, look at his arms! He's all bumpy! "

Now all I can think when I go to the gym is how I'm going to work on my "bumps".

(I realize that this probably belongs on the kiddie blog but as you can see I am short on content this summer so it's going here.)

And now, since I love this show so much, a couple more videos, just for kicks:

I enjoy Mia Michaels' choreography on the show so much that I'm almost able to overlook the Celine Dion bouncing off my eardrums.


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  1. Really? You think Lacey's gonna win? I wouldn't give up on Sabra yet!