Thursday, February 1, 2007

Light Up My Life (otherwise known as Thank Jebus for Mr. Puri)

Let it be known that nothing can brighten up an ordinary day like random Buffy/Angel merchandise showing up on your doorstep.



Yes, that is indeed an Angel "Smile Time" Puppet from the (canceled but much loved) series "Angel." (And if you knew what that was without clicking on the link you are most indeed a Buffy geek and therefore, friend to me.)

Just when I thought that my friend Paul couldn't give me a better gift than showing up to our high school reunion and dancing like this. Lo, indeed.

And it even came with an Angel Pylean demon figurine! Love, love, love it.


Grr. Argh.


  1. That's Dr. Puri to you. Show some respect!

    Hi, Dr. Paul!

  2. I'm flattered. And no M.D. for 3 more months. Glad you enjoyed smiletime Tracey.
    And please god stop showing that photo. ;)