Friday, February 23, 2007

Friday Randomness

I love my gym. I've been there I think ten times in the past two weeks. It rocks. Or at least it did until today on the treadmill when I got a mean cramp in my left calf that just kept getting worse and worse. Now I'm sitting here with an Icy Hot patch on my leg and whining like a baby. I am the queen of overdoing it when I find something new that I adore. I love my gym even though they put my name as Tracey Gassner on my membership card. Now, that's pretty bad. I'd take a picture of it and show it to you except for the fact that my camera is on the first floor and I'm in the attic and I won't put my gimpy leg through that kind of pain right now. (What's so hard about the name Gessner anyway? I have fond memories of being addressed as Tracey Geffner, Gefsner and Duffner.)

Did someone say the word attic? Yes! I'm in the new attic office RIGHT NOW which is ohsoclose to being finished! We need to have the new window put in and the floors sanded.


It looks kind of rough now but trust me, it's going to be pretty sweet. Then Jason can fully move up there and his old office is mine, all mine. Stay tuned for pictures of my Old Timey Library Room. Smoking jacket optional.

And now, I have some random things to get off of my chest and I'm not even going to try to tie them together in any sort of way:

1. I think my neighbors must hate me. Why? Because they have figured out my absolute worst pet peeve and pursued it with a fiery passion. That being Christmas lights after the new year.


I know it's a bad, blurry picture taken from my bedroom window but I think you get the jist. They are STILL going strong even in this final week of February. Somebody has to go out there every night and turn them on too. WHY???

2. Thank you very much Philadelphia Cream Cheese company for coming up with a ready-to-eat-out-of-the-darn-tub cheesecake filling. My butt will appreciate the extra layer of padding. Thanks a lot.

3. Good lord, I never thought in my life I would be blogging about how much I like a Christina Aguilera song. But SERIOUSLY. I never thought I'd see a pop star rocking the Andrew's Sisters style on MTV. The last music video I watched on You Tube was of Gwen Stefani desecrating the Sound of Music and between that and the mediocre singers American Idol this year, I haven't had much hope for the state of pop music today. (Have I ever had much hope for it though? I might have to rethink this.)

That being said, I'm almost ashamed of how much I liked this song.

That's all i got. Have a great weekend everyone!

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