Monday, November 6, 2006

"Do You Trust Me?" "If You Trust Me First."

ashelly.jpg ashelly02.jpg

One of my favorite actresses from one of the best movies ever made (in my humble opinion) was found dead last week of "apparent" suicide. Apparent? After reading the article the whole thing sounds a bit strange, and yes, very sad.

If you aren't familiar with Adrienne Shelly's work, get thee to the nearest Blockbuster (or Netflix account) and find yourself a copy of Trust.


  1. I'm so sorry to hear that. I'll have to add that to my Netflix queue.

  2. You're fking kidding me. I loved her. And Trust was favorite movie through high school and to the end of college.
    "What is this? This isn't gin. This is water."
    "Most people buy laserdiscs these days. Cd's. They don't wear out. Can't damage the surface of Cd's. Digital, not analog."
    Oh if only there were digital relationships, as he almost implies.
    Seen Henry Fool? Also a great Hartley film, for which they just made a sequel (Fay Grimm).

  3. by the way - despite the excellence of this movie, it is still only available on vhs in the US.

  4. "A family's got to stick together, come hell or high water."
    "A family's like a gun. You point it in the wrong direction, you're gonna kill somebody."
    That's right about it not being out on dvd. I forgot about that (and I should have known because I would have the dvd already if it were available instead of my ghetto taped-off-of HBO copy.) That kind of puts Netflix out of the picture for now. Grr. Maybe now it will be released?
    I love Henry Fool. I just found out about the sequel yesterday when I checked Hartley's website and I'm hyped. Ah, Parker Posey.