Sunday, November 19, 2006

Good Day to be a Girl

Payday was a few days ago which equals big grocery shopping day. Grocery shopping day also calls for comfort so I reached for my comfiest, baggy jeans and my sneakers. On my way to the store I looked down and realized I was not wearing what I thought were my "big" jeans, but rather what I used to consider my "skinny" jeans. (You know that pair that you can't quite get over your hips but you hold onto anyway just in case? Yeah.) The pair I couldn't even squeeze my badonkadonk into a few months ago I had now mistaken for my big old grocery shopping jeans.

Not to brag or anything (ok, maybe a little) but that has put a little spring in my step these past few days. Of course now Gluttony Day is nearly upon us. *Sigh*