Sunday, July 9, 2006

Peeking In

Something I've learned while not blogging:

Passions is still the awesomest, most awful soap opera ever. Witches and supernatural tomfoolery? Check. Rich evil patriarch with a sneaky bag of tricks including smoke bombs for quick getaways? Check. Young woman with amnesia who thinks her cousin's boyfriend is her fiance and the "doctor" encourages them to go along with the delusion lest it be too "traumatic" for said girl to learn the truth in her fragile mental state? Check, check, check-a-roo.

But it's not all about the soaps, thankfully. Last weekend we went to go see An Inconvenient Truth. I intend to write more about this shortly but for now I just want to urge anyone and everyone to go see this movie. First of all, get over the fact that it's Al Gore's movie. I had to do this myself. (Even uber-liberal me has some serious beefs with the man. But that's another subject.) Second, don't think it's another film along the lines of Fahrenheit 9/11 because it's not. You won't be scolded and bombarded with images and quotes taken out of context. Go for the science. It's extremely thought-provoking and maddening at the same time.


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