Monday, July 17, 2006

24 Across: Dork, Sci-Fi Nut, Trekkie perhaps?

Another movie Jason and I have seen together recently is "Wordplay", the documentary about crossword puzzles and the people who work them. The film interviewed puzzlers famous and non-famous (including my favorite celebrity crush, Jon Stewart) and it culminated with the 2005 American Crossword Puzzle Tournament. (This makes two documentaries on consecutive Saturdays for us as it seems we determined to make our babysitter think we are the nerdiest couple on the planet. ) This movie was so much better than I had expected and ever since then Jason and I have been attempting to work through crosswords on the computer. Doing this has proven that though we may be nerds on the surface, we're definitely not the sharpest nerds in the pack seeing that I have trouble finishing a Monday crossword from the USA Today. Anyway, my point is that I'm recommending this film if it comes your way. And say what you will about former president Bill Clinton, but the man does the New York Times crossword in blue felt tip pen. Badness.


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  1. Sounds like a good movie. I haven't heard of it, or seen it's adverts around here. I'll have to look it up!
    I used to do crosswords every day when I lived in Chicago & Milwaukee. Then the Syracuse paper sucked, and I haven't gotten into them since. I miss them!