Tuesday, June 6, 2006

There's A Good Reason Her Book Was Released on 6.6.06

Ann Coulter on 9/11 Widows: ‘I Have Never Seen People Enjoying their Husbands’ Death So Much’

Video from the Today Show Here

Don't say I didn't warn you! Seriously though, when will people stop putting this psychotic on television? My favorite part is when she calls Matt Lauer "testy" after finally letting him get a couple words in. I think we have a problem when I feel like defending Matt Lauer.

I wonder how much money she has made speaking and writing about 9/11. There's a "millionaire broad" for you.


  1. Obliviously you have not taken the time to read Ann’s whole book. For you miss the point that ms. coulter were making in her book. Her point is very valid in it context. The democrats have hidden behind the victims of 911 and so forth for years now. And when anyone like Ann coulter says something contra to anything a 911 liberals have said. It comes across as if she is beating up on the victims. Exactly the perception the left wants to be given. God forbid anyone disagrees with the 911 victims. Surely the gospel truth comes from their lips. Yeah right!
    So taking a statement out of context is usually how uneducated responses occur. (Your blog entry for example)
    For I can logically see you have no clue about the context of what she said. Other than the few minutes given in an interview on the today show. Great research! Nor the summitry of parables she uses in her book. Very simple to understand the context when read correctly. Wow! Who would of Known? Usually everything works that way.
    The wholeness of her book is to stop democrat and liberals in general from hiding behind victims.
    And have the guts to stand up been their own man. If something needs to be said let hear from OLE reliable (dick durbin) not some victim whose bias from the beginning. We're forgotten that we're Americans first and political parties second. That’s how we're being defeated around the world. Stop blaming Republicans and Christians. We have seen the enemy and he is the image in mirror!
    That’s what all Americans want. Stop dragging all theses 911 ppl out. It's very interesting how Michael Moore can make a film filled with numerous lies and left loves that. But don't like when the right (anyone of religious belief) makes a book. Seem freedom of speech and right to an opinion is one sided in this country. The great late Forest Long once said, "A mind is a terrible thing to waste". After reading your blog entry. Oh how true that is. Stop letting someone form your thinking. Get educated for yourself and read people.

  2. Thanks for your comment Jessica! Unfortunately I still have to disagree. Ann has every right to disagree with the 9/11 victims. I just find it disgusting for her to claim that anyone would find enjoyment in the death of a loved one. She seems to be a bit frustrated that she is not able to Swift Boat a group of widows and it shows. I find it interesting that she said she doesn't have a beef with the 9/11 widows who support Bush. I guess it's okay to use victimhood to gain political status if you agree with her. The administration "drags" out the memory of 9/11 as justification for it's actions yet they don't really seem interested in what the actual victims have to say. Interesting.
    Oh, and I believe I posted the entire transcript and video from the interview which is hardly taking words out of context. Coulter is on my regular list of blog reads so I'm hardly unfamiliar with her work. I'm just a busy gal and don't really see the point of her taking up much of my blog space.
    I also find it funny how she calls liberals "godless" when it so clear that she is filled with Christ's love! Where does she attend church again?
    Thanks again for your post. My mind however will remain unchanged. Chill out, enjoy your weekend, maybe read some more blogs that enforce your opinion. Unfortunately I will most surely continue to disappoint! Obliviously.

  3. Great defense.
    Sorry you have to defend your own blog, and your own opinions. Exactly. If people don't agree with someone, then they shouldn't really feel the need to Google Ann Coulter, read people's blogs, and then tell everyone how they feel.
    I love that.
    I hope you enjoy your weekend too! I have the place to myself, for the first time in months. I might just stay in the tub with gossip mags and wine filled with Lush bath bombs. :)