Friday, June 23, 2006

Running is Hard Yo

Yesterday I broke down and called one of our babysitters to come watch the girls for two hours while I ran some errands. Since school has let out I'd rather stab myself in the eyeball than go on a huge grocery trip with two small children. One of them is fine- more specifically the one who is still small enough to sit in the shopping cart and doesn't ask for every brightly-colored cartoon character-adorned box of junk stragegically placed at eye level for people under four feet tall. (Thanks a lot marketing people!)

So.... since I was munchkin free for the shopping trip I finished in a mere 45 minutes, leaving me time to drive down the the lake and go for a walk on the bike path. I popped on my headphones and attempted to alternate between brisk walking and jogging. Two minutes of running alternating with five minutes of walking for about 35 minutes. (Hey, I'm a beginner so don't laugh!) And so in the end I learned that all of you people out there who are runners? Ya'll are crazy. And you know why? Because even though I could barely huff and puff my way through each two minute running spurt, I totally want to do it again. Not only because I felt really good afterwards but because I am officially at war with my body and I will make it run whether it wants to or not.

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  1. You will get there Tracey!! Just keep at it. Seriously, I never thought I could run, and two years ago I completed a 5K! (if I was really devoted, I'd have completed more of them by now,*shrugs shoulders*)
    Wish we lived close enough that I could volunteer to watch the munchkins for ya!