Thursday, December 1, 2005

Yea, I Haveth Seen The Light

I've finally tasted the sweet manna that is Starbucks' Peppermint Mocha. (Props to mappy b for the recommendation!)

Over the years I've really tried to dislike Starbucks (you know, the big bad corporation putting the little corner coffee shop out of business thing) but somehow they keep reeling me in.

I am weak.


  1. Yeah! You did it. Did you just love it?! I love mint & chocolate together, plus coffee?! Ah, kill me. It's delicious. PS. I get mine with soy - milk makes me ill. Try a soy one next if you want. Yum!

  2. *ahem* Once you're living in Milwaukee, there's a certain little, *ahem*, local coffee shop that your best friend works at that, *coughcough* isn't Starbucks or any chain of the sort, and they offer peppermint mocha, soy available, if yer feelin' guilty.
    I also recommend the HiFi Cafe, which is within walking distance of your new home. :)

  3. Alterra (my pick) and Stone Creek are plentiful in Milwaukee and have great coffee too.

    Steph, where are you working? Does this relate to the chair that you can spin around?

  4. Ooo Alterra, I miss that place! I used to love going there. It was worth the HUGE commute from white bred Mequon.