Friday, December 16, 2005

Materialism Schmaterialism

I can't say I wasn't warned. Back when I was so proud of myself for buying all of the girls' Christmas toys in November I was told I would end up spending more on Christmas overall once the holiday sales hit. It's offical: I'm a sucker! (Didn't I just post a quote from the Buddha the other day? Believe me, I'm aware of the irony.) I do have to say it's been nice to have the bulk of my gifts squared away for so long but since then I've been picking up little presents here and there and it certainly adds up. Jason bought a couple of things for Juliana too so it looks like they are really going to hit the jackpot this year. I just love buying toys so much and I don't usually buy them throughout the year so I did the so-called American thing and was a good little consumer this holiday. Don't you see I'm just being patriotic? Don't try to steal Christmas from me! I'll defend it with my dollars!

Of course, every cherished new toy will promptly be packed away into moving boxes so there will also be lesson to learn about delayed gratification. Points for Mom!

I finally took the girls photo for our Christmas card this week. Instead of making the card myself this year I used a template at the Target photo lab and wouldn't you know the border that worked best with the photo read "Happy Holidays!" I wanted to get one that said "Merry Christmas" but none of those designs looked right. So "Happy Holidays" it is. Take that Bill O'Reilly!


  1. Tracey, I say what the hell is the point of having children if you can't go crazy buying toys for them??
    As my mom used to say, "You're not a spoiled child, you're loved."
    I mean, I could be just as loved without presents. But presents are really fun!

  2. I like how you are going to pack it away until you move! Torturous! (sp?) I hope you have a great holiday, and glad you're spoiling those cute kids! I would, that's for sure. I'm going to spoil myself until then though. :)

  3. Hi Tracey, my name is Jodi and I am a casting producer for ABC television and the show Wife Swap. I am looking to feature a family on our show who non-mainstream and against consumerism and materialism. It would be great to share their way of life and raise awareness on how people can reduce waste in their everyday lives! I came across your blog and thought you may be interested or know a family who is.
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