Monday, September 19, 2005

Too Tired For a Snappy Title But Hey Look! Pictures!

So, I bet you really want to know how we arrived at the decision to leave the burbs for good old Milwaukee? (Ok, if you're Steph, we've already been on the phone jumping up and down and squealing but a few of you out there may still be wondering.)

But first, a few vacation pics!

glamour girl
Juliana could be found most of the time in Grandma Joanie's bathroom, applying copius amounts of PINK lipstick and gobs of eye makeup.

sticker face
Ava could often be found applying stickers to her face.

As usual, Juliana loved floating in the pool. At times she had water wings, an inner tube AND a foam noodle at the same time.

Ava enjoyed struting around in ensembles like this one. Ohmigosh, the LEGS! I can hardly stand it!

And now for two of my favorite photos from the drive back:

Juliana stands in front of the Superman statue in Metropolis, Illinois. At the time I was annoyed that we were stopping again (at Jason's request) but now I'm happy we got shots like this one.


The BIGGEST crucifix you ever did see just outside of Effingham, Illinois. If I could have fallen out of my seat when I saw this emerge in the distance, believe me I would have. Instead, I just started shouting at Jason, "OH MY GOD! CAMERA! CAM-ER-A!!

And you thought southern Illinois was boring. Getting pictures of this almost made of for me missing the billboard in Florida that read "THE UNITIED NATIONS WANTS TO TAKE YOUR GUN!!!"

I'm sleepy now. I'm hoping to post more vacation photos to Flickr tomorrow and of course:


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