Monday, September 26, 2005

Good Weekend. Bad Cat.

I'm feeling better today! We went to Milwaukee yesterday to drive by some houses I found online and just check out the different neighborhoods. I was a little bit disappointed to see that a few of the huge old Victorian homes I really liked were in lets say, not so desirable neighborhoods. There was a specific block we drove down that was nice and we could tell people were trying to revive the area and restore the houses but on the whole I wasn't too sure if it would be a good place to have kids if only a couple blocks away things turned kind of ghetto-ish. It made me sad to see all these beautiful, historic homes just gone to waste. I can just imagine how gorgeous they all must have been a hundred years ago. Its such a shame to see them now.

We also drove down to the south side (or Bay View) where our friends Russ and Julie live and really liked that area (of course I already knew this so it was nothing new.) I'm torn between a Victorian home and those adorable stone bungalow or Tudor style houses. I suppose once we start going into places with our realtor we'll be able to narrow it down. I have a feeling that when we walk into the house we end up buying it will hit us immediately that we absolutely need to live there.

In not so good news, one of my cats peed on my beautiful red couch. I've been spending a lot of time shampooing the upholstery trying to rid it of the god awful smell. I swear if I believed in a Hell it would totally smell like cat pee.


  1. Tracey,
    I got into work this morning and did my usual blog checks. When I got to yours, I got a big scary orange message that said, "Site blocked: Pornographic." Eeek! So, I thought maybe our internet filter had gone all wonky, and I went to a friend's blog who has had...let's say...some slightly more adult content posted. No problem!! Every other blog I like to read--fine.
    Then I got really worried, thinking some weirdo had hijacked your site and made it kiddie porn!
    Nope. pee? Could that have been it?

  2. Oh my, that is SO WEIRD! I certainly hope nothing strange is going on since I've definitly had my fill of internet oddballs. I actually didn't post about the cat pee until later this afternoon so I don't think that could have set off the filter either. Who knows.