Monday, June 20, 2005

Summer in Full Swing

Summer officially starts tomorrow! Juliana starts her week long soccer "camp" this afternoon, we've got plans for a trip to the zoo, and our Florida trip is now squared away. Today I'm going to go buy some more pots for the herbs we bought at the farmer's market since they are growing out of control and it's high time to separate them. Hopefully during Ava's nap this afternoon I can log some time on my lawn chair re-reading Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. I decided that since Book Six is coming out in a couple of weeks that I should read Book Five again to refresh my memory on what happened most recently. Also, when my Dad returns from his trip to Canada next week we will get a start on some of the projects around the house.

Over the weekend I got to eat Beef-a-Roo cheddar fries and see the new Batman movie. I'm in a good mood today.


  1. I was in Rockford yesterday, but alas, no cheddar fries. I'm considering going again today to make up for the missed opportunity. :)