Wednesday, June 1, 2005


Well, here we are in the midst of the first week of beautiful summer weather and here I am once again THE ONLY PERSON in my neighborhood outside enjoying it- sitting in my front yard listening to the drone of everyone's air conditioners on. It's not that hot people! I never understand why people ruin awesome weather like this with air conditioning. And I love me some good air conditioning on a hot summer day, don't get me wrong.

Also, completely unrelated: In light of yesterday's big news story, would everyone else who is dying for the Deep Throat of our generation to emerge please stand up and say "AYE!"


  1. I like going outside in this weather, but our house gets so much sun that it can get hotter inside than it is outside on days like today and the rest of the week. When it gets that hot inside, I can't stand it.... so we run the air just so I can sleep. :)

  2. Aye. Also, I propose that when the next "Deep Throat" surfaces, we call him or her "Butt Plug," as in, "In a controversial and highly publicized political move, the cork on this story was finally popped by Butt Plug."