Sunday, March 20, 2005

You Be Quiet. I'll Be Peace.

Because I have known you for going on fifteen years, I know that you will still love me even after I post this photo of you from 1991:


And because you love me I know I can tell the whole internets that on the pink (yes, PINK) wall behind your daybed- even though you can't see it in the photo- there are two gigantic posters of Luke Perry and Jason Priestley from Beverly Hills 90210.

And because I love you I will also post this gawgeous picture of your beautiful twenty-seven year old self:




P.S. We'll be hitting that piano bar real soon.

1 comment:

  1. Yay!!!
    Of course I still love you. And if you look closely, there's also a picture of you in your poms uniform. :) Hey, you gotta give me credit for the Nirvana posters, though.
    Love always,
    Quiet (I totally forgot about that line!)
    p.s. I still think Luke Perry's hot.