Monday, March 28, 2005

My Baby Just Cares for Me

What a weekend. I just survived my second Juliana/Bailee sleepover in eight days. Tired now. Today was absolutely beautiful though, which made up a little for how much nonstop refereeing I had to do. (For some reason the word "refereeing" doesn't look real but I just looked it up and it does exist although when I see it in type it appears a bit like I made it up. Or like I'm talking about reefer. I'm feeling kind of fried in the brain tonight.) Anyway, we were outside at the park and playing in the driveway most of the afternoon which was lovely. Plus I wore sandals outside of my house for the first time this year which was super fun. AND, because Jason is the awesomest (TOTALLY not a real word) husband ever, he purchased me a pro-account at! For some of you, I'm sure that last sentence read like complete gibberish, but those of you out there that use and love the Flickr website will understand why I'm making with the smileys.

Now if only I could get my hands on a laptop then we'd be talkin'...


  1. Nee-ner Nee-ner Nee Ner:
    He told me about the pro account last week. :) Yay!