Friday, July 16, 2004

Why, CBS? WHY???

As it has been previously stated, I enjoy my TV. I realize that sometimes I can be a bit of a TV snob, with my indulgence in HBO and healthy obsession with so-called "cult" shows like Buffy and Angel. But I have to admit, I enjoy what you might call "fluff" television as well. First of all, I am severly addicted to the Survivor series and have watched every season from start to finish. But my second guilty pleasure has got to be the witty, well-dressed, Las Vegas crime scene investigators on, well, C.S.I. So imagine my dismay when I read today that CBS has fired two member of the cast- Jorja Fox and George Eads- over a salary dispute. Not fair! How can they bag evidence without the gap-toothed cynicism of sassy Sara Sidle?? How can they process hair and clothing fibers without the rugged good looks of Nick Stokes?? Are they going to up the number of shirtless Warrick scenes to make up for this?? Soon we will be left with nothing but Grissom's saucy one-liners and Marg Helgenberger's skimpy tank top collection. What will we do then?

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