Tuesday, July 13, 2004

I Am A Nice Person! At Least I Think I Am?

Geez, reading through my last month of post I think I seem like a cranky, frustrated, super-annoyed person. I think maybe I come across this way since I've always tried to keep my girls' blog more upbeat and happy and this page is maybe used to balance that out? It seems like I'm more likely to post here when something really makes me upset (like say all of this talk of possibly postponing the election in case of a terrorist attack? Come on people. When would that seriously be necessary on a national rather than state level??) But I'm getting off the point already. I actually am enjoying myself lately. I finally got "Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire" from the library after obsessively checking it's availability on the Bartlett Library's website every day. Yay for persistence! I also scored an entire afternoon to myself- with no kids!- when Jason took the girls to a family get-together in Rockford this past Saturday. I spent the entire five hours or so parked in front of Jason's computer working on Juliana's birthday video. This year I am using the song's "We Got the Beat" by the Go-Go's, as well as Elvis Presley's "Little Sister" and Nat King Cole's "Unforgettable". It took me forever to find and download a version of "Unforgettable" that did not have Cole's daughter Natalie singing along with him. Sorry girl, but the original is just so much better.

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